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Restoration: Seymour No.2 Bush Snath

A professionally restored Seymour No.2 bush snath outfitted with a new old stock Swedish-made Banko bush blade. The Seymour No.2, now long discontinued, was similar to the still-produced No.1 grass snath but with a thicker end diameter and a four-hole heel plate rather than three. The holes are arranged in a “♦” shape rather than the “▼” arrangement on the No.1. Some older examples of this snath have capped nibs, with a three-pronged, domed, circular brad having been driven into the top of the nib to cover the recessed nut and projecting thread of the nib iron.

SeymourNo2Snath1 SeymourNo2Snath2 SeymourNo2Snath3 SeymourNo2Snath4 SeymourNo2Snath5 SeymourNo2Snath6 SeymourNo2Snath7