Fabbriche Riunite Falci Dronero Catalog Ca.~1900

A lovely vintage catalog by the organization that would later become Falci Tools of Italy. Falci themselves consulted with the oldest still-living man who worked for them and based on some of the patterns named after towns, which are now mere villages, and concluded that this catalog dates from the very early 1900’s. 

2 thoughts on “Fabbriche Riunite Falci Dronero Catalog Ca.~1900”

  1. Hi, in answer to my comment scythe blade made from truck spring . I do not cast my self an expert in the forging of scythe blades , but once I start a project I see it to the end , also I have a very well equipped workshop with gas and coal forges and power hammer , so basically the blade I ended up with, is one I am very happy with . I also used to make my own hoof knives. I am more than happy to send photo’s of both scythe blade and knife , but I must stipulate , I am retired and now have the onset of arthritis in my hands so the amount of work I am doing is limited . Kind regards. Tim

    1. We’d certainly be interested in taking a look at your handiwork! Scythe forging was considered an advanced skill, and the standard apprenticeship in the USA to be a production scythe forger was 5 years! Of the global styles out there, Nordic blades are probably the simplest in form.

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