Fence Repair With The Falci Carpenter’s Axe

We’re moving to a new location on 10 acres and I was out at the property today fixing some of the leaning electric fence posts to get them ready for wiring. The Falci Carpenter’s Axe proved invaluable, and I took photos of the process for your enjoyment.

The weapons–the Falci, a Predator Tools “Big Red” diamond point all-steel spade, and a second-hand Seymour post hole digger of indeterminate age. 

Chopping a bevel onto the wedging material.

The wedge complete.

Here’s one of the offending posts:

Lifting the post back up straight, this is the void of the egged-out hole that was left.

Placing the wedge. Note that the beveled side is to the outside. This will cause resistance from the soil during driving to push the wedge tight against the base of the pole.

Partly driven in:

Fully driven:

Time to dig some backfill.

Sinks in easy!

Cuts a nice big plug.

Squashing the plug down into the remaining void.


Well…not quite. There’s still this hole to take care of.

Stuffing it with some old mowed grass from when I cleared around the base of the posts.

It’ll break down eventually and still leave a pit, but it won’t be as deep, and it’ll keep me from busting my ankle in a careless moment!

Another shot of the plug on another post:

A photo of me at work that my other half was kind enough to take.

2 thoughts on “Fence Repair With The Falci Carpenter’s Axe”

  1. I’m glad that you were able to fix you electric fence posts. Like you, I also need to fix the electric fence posts that surround some property that I’ve recently bought. Is the fence post suppose to sink in easily on its own? There’s a post that I’m having some trouble driving into the ground. It would help to know a few tips and tricks to getting it to sink into the ground more easily.

    1. The ground here is heavy clay, and so in wet weather the ground is very soft. The sites were dug out with a manual post hole digger and then filled back in around it with large wooden wedges driven in around them for additional support.

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